The 9 Most Endangered IT Career Paths

The 9 Most Endangered IT Career Paths

The IT job landscape is evolving quickly. Here's how to avoid IT extinction.

Dan Tynan , InfoWorld, October 11, 2012

Endangered IT species No. 6: The Common Web Designer

(Templator fillerupus)

Once numbered in the millions, now only a handful are left. Automated site-creation tools and increasingly sophisticated marketing have deprived millions of HTMLand Flash designers of the natural Web lands they once called home.
"Dropping boring prose into a template isn't going to cut it in today's marketing maelstrom," says Simpletech's Madderra. "Companies need to build content based upon solid SEO principles utilizing media, writing, and design elements organized around a marketing plan."
How to avoid becoming extinct: "With all these site-creation tools and the move to less dynamic websites that are more friendly to mobile devices, Web designers need to become SEO experts very quickly or they will be out of a job," says Lenny Fuchs, owner of My IT Department.