New Year, New Changes

With a new year often comes new changes. This year is no different. Starting today, you might notice a change at Forrst. But not to worry. The folks at ZURB are ushering us through that change as they welcome us into their fold.

We want to let you know we're here for you with a renewed commitment to providing the best service we can. We're aware that Forrst isn't what it used to be, but we have a plan in place to build it back up again. Here's how:

Renewed focus on providing service and building a solid community: We're here to listen, participate and foster a healthy design community.
Increase design community engagement: With 15 years of design experience, a product suite of tools and a top 20 open source project, Foundation, ZURB is here to jump start activity on the site with quality feedback.
Center the community around design feedback: We're going to provide the resource and tools that you need to solicit and give solid design feedback.
Kyle Bragger created an amazing resource for designers to get the feedback they need to improve their craft. Colourlovers took over, but ultimately it wasn't a good fit for them. Forrst is more at home with ZURB, who is committed to being the world's best at helping people design for people through education.

We're excited about what's ahead. Bryan, our Chief Instigator, highlights what this all means for the Forrst Community.